WEB SERVICE: Mobile Websites

How Mobile-Friendly is Your Website?

The number of Internet-friendly mobile devices including smart-phones and tablets has doubled in less than a year, and Mobile-broadband subscriptions have grown 45 percent annually over the last four years to 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide.

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Because the mobile market has exploded so quickly, most website owners haven’t had time to adjust. Most websites, designed for viewing on desk-top monitors, are just plain unsuitable for mobile viewing – downsized to such a small screen, they look jumbled, confused, and take far too long to load.

In most cases, your mobile site should have a simpler graphic format than your standard website. Simplifying the format means maintaining the basic look and feel, but may require a review of the navigation menu, minimizing graphics by eliminating all but the most important images, and doing away with pop-ups and new windows.

Using your standard website as a starting point, we can develop a mobile-friendly version for you that will get your message across in a manner suitable for a small screen that still has great impact. It will work in tandem with your standard site - when accessed by a smart-phone, the mobile version will be automatically recognized and displayed.


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