WEB SERVICE: Photo / Video Galleries

Many websites display collections of relevant images. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. Whether it’s pictures of products, houses, art works, trophy fish, sporting events, or anything else, you may want to include a Photo Gallery component in your website.

As opposed to embedding invidual images in various spots throughout a website, a Photo Gallery provides you with a simple and effective way to manage and display a large number of photos. Individual galleries may be accessed from different parts of your website, or collected within one “galleries” page.

Chameleon Creative’s in-house designed Photo Gallery component gives you control over all the important options. Using a back-end database accessed through a secure login, it allows you to easily and quickly upload, delete, and re-arrange your images. The component automatically creates resized versions of your images for display on the website. We can even configure it so you can add and remove entire photo galleries. Handling the Photo Gallery yourself reduces your total cost of ownership, and can be a lot of fun!

To view portfolios of some of our clients who use this component, click one of the links from the random selection below.

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