WEB SERVICE: Newsletter/Press Releases


Looking for a way to let your clients know what you're up to and to remind them of your services? Send a regular email newsletter, branded to match your website, to your existing client base. You can also let website visitors add themselves to your email newsletter list via a "subscribe" form on your website.

Press Releases

If you are launching a new website, product or service a Press Release can get the word out nationally or internationally with just a mouse click. A well-written press release that is accurate and interesting can result in your story being picked up by newspapers and journals or online news sites across the globe.

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We offer three newsletter formats containing different options. Choose the version that bests suits your needs:

  1. Our basic email newsletter allows articles to be included in their entirety and has sidebar navigation links to your website, making it available to e-newsletter recipients with one mouse click.
  2. Our intermediate email newsletter version has all the features of the basic email newsletter plus a database. This function allows you to list the article title and first 200 characters (a short paragraph) of text with a "read more>>" link. The link takes a viewer to a page on your website that features the full article, created when you add the article to the e-newsletter. This feature enables you to list more articles in a smaller space while allowing your articles to be as long as they need to be to tell the full story. It also brings people to your website.
  3. Our advanced email newsletter version is for site owners whose web sites already utilize a database. The advanced e-newsletter includes all the functions of the basic and intermediate newsletters and it pulls information from the "What's New" or other database-driven sections of the website, displaying the ones you'd like just like any of the other articles.