Domain Registration with Chameleon Creative

Registering the right domain name for your web site is a simple process at Chameleon Creative. Our experienced staff will help you decide which domain name works best for your business, helping your website reflect your brand and products.

Choosing a Domain Name

So what's in a name?  Your web site is an online brochure that sells you, your products and services, and ultimately your business to new customers.  Domain names are more than just a nice name that appears at the top of the web browser screen, it helps to describe who you are and what you do and will reassure your customer that the business pages they are looking at are specific to their needs.

If your company specializes in car mechanics, you might want a domain name that reflects your type of business, for example www.fixmycar.com - nice, simple, easy to remember and upbeat.  if your company offers specialist services such as offshore marine engineering, then your domain name may be more complex and use something like www.WestCoastOffshoreEngineers.com.

A domain name can be short or long - we will help you to choose one that best serves you and your company.

Can I have multiple domain names?

Of course!  Having a single domain name is sufficient for many purposes.  If your primary domain name is quite long, you may wish to consider using something a little shorter, or aimed at a slightly different market.  You can choose as many domain names as you wish and we can point them to your primary domain and your web site.  

How much do domain names cost?

A domain name is registered through a domain registration body.  There are similar organizations throughout the world, who manage domain registration records for particular suffix.  A Canadian top level domain name (.ca) is registered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).  Many companies offer domain registrations and rates will vary according to the type of domain (.ca, .com, .net, .biz etc) and the duration that you are registering the domain for.  We can advise you on the most appropriate type of domain for your business and any costs.

Who owns the domain?

When you register a domain through Chameleon Creative, we register it on your behalf.  You will be the primary contact for the domain name, and therefore have ownership.  Each domain has contact details associated with it for administration and technical purposes, and Chameleon Creative will manage this section on your behalf.

  • Simple registration for domain names
  • Assistance selecting the right name for you
  • Optimize search engine rankings with your domain
  • Chameleon Creative offer a fully serviced management facility for your domain
  • Local technical support

Your name is everything

Choosing the right domain name can make or break your site popularity, and that's why Chameleon Creative can assist you in choosing the name that's right for you.  Sometimes, just being aware of the pitfalls of web naming can save you a lot of embarrassment later!  Have you checked out what web sites reside on the same name but under a different suffix, like a .net or .ca?

Get the domain name right and everything else will follow

We've all seen domain names that either make no sense at all, or are so long, you can't remember which words to type - let us help you select the right domain for your business.


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