Did you know that the search engines analyze text content when determining rankings? Attend one of our Text SEO Workshops and learn how to protect and enhance your search engine rankings.

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Can You Find Your Website on Google?

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"Good" Text Translates into Better Rankings! As a website owner your job is to make sure you tell the search engines what they need to know about your business, your products and your services.

By following some fairly simple guidelines you can optimize your content so search engines get the information they need to favourably determine where to place your listing on their search results pages.

Search engines are all about returning relevant choices (ie: websites that provide the information requested) when a web viewer searches for a keyword or phrase. This is how a search engine measures success.

Content is King!

While links are still a valuable component in achieving good rankings, search engines are once again placing a lot of emphasis on text content. With new programs that can analyze text for both content and context, search engines like Google are hoping to make their search results even more relevant and accurate.

Of course you can't forget about your customers. They need to be informed, impressed and enticed into purchasing what you have to offer. Writing content for a website is like walking a tightrope - you have to sell to your customers while wooing the search engines.

The good news - it is all achievable, with a little help from us!

Text SEO Workshop

The Text SEO Workshop is customized specifically for Chameleon Creative clients who create, format and insert their own written content into their websites.

Workshop Times:

Thurs. March 18, 10AM - Noon


Tues. March 23, 10AM - Noon

Cost - $60 per person

Each workshop is limited to 4 participants.

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