Where culture matters...

Chameleon Creative are proud to be working with a number of First Nations Band and Councils to bring a web presence to First Nations projects.  Our understanding of the importance of culture is shown through the many designs we adopt and we work closely with Band artists to provide artwork that truly represents the heritage of our clients.

Combining Heritage and Culture

At Chameleon Creative we understand the importance of retaining a cultural identity with our First nations projects.  Our staff work closely with the First Nations people to get a better understanding of the issues and importance that is placed on native art that is shown through our work.  To recognize the heritage and sense of history that the First nations people bring to our work is of great value and through partnership working we develop new and interesting ways to help First Nations people build their print and web materials.

Our portfolio includes a number of First Nations print and web pieces, from new websites to printed newsletters and business cards.

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