West Coast Tug and Barge

Job Description

Staying abreast of current technology is important to the Westcoast Tug team. When Chameleon Creative rebranded the company several years ago we also built their first website then overhauled it two years later, using better photos and techniques current at that time. This most recent version of the website is the most appealing yet, from both viewer and company perspectives.

A slideshow of large, action-packed images dominates the home page of the new Westcoast Tug and Barge website, focusing on the diverse towing jobs that make this company so well-known on the BC coast. Because this third generation website was built using Drupal, the folks at Westcoast Tug can add photos to the slideshow and photo galleries as they choose, as well as edit text on any page of the website.

We used a split navigation bar with links to the most popularly searched areas of the site at the top of the page and support items at the bottom. Sidebars on all page display links to pertinent information. A password protected Employee Login page may allow staff to access documents, schedules, contact lists or to log hours in the future as Westcoast Tug’s progressive requirements expand.

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