Getting More Web Traffic: Content is King

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No matter how you slice the SEO (search engine optimization) pie, the factors that will raise your website’s search engine rankings more than anything else are the  Three Rs: Relevant, Recent, Regularly updated content. While RSS feeds and aggregators can add specific value to your site, they don’t take the place of original text content in the eyes of search engines.

The keys to good content?

Experts agree that the main factors to consider are:

  • Original, relevant content or information, on a regular basis
  • Quality control your content for factual accuracy, spelling and grammar
  • Complete and comprehensive coverage of the topic being covered
  • The articles are something you would want to share, recommend or bookmark

The last point is key. Search engines have begun to factor in social signals like Google's "+1" and Facebook ‘likes’ for Bing. 44% of B2B marketing experts say the impact of these social signals are positive and 57% of marketers say that new customers have come in via company blogs. Since blogs and social media sites are where personal opinions are expressed, they have become key to the search engine optimization equation.


Relevant backlinks (from other websites to yours) remain important, as they too, by their very presence, are a way of endorsing your website. These genuine, inbound links from other websites are the kind you really want to cultivate. As well, comprehensive, well-researched web content that you write for your website will usually contain outbound links to relevant sites of interest. Reciprocal links on links pages just don’t cut it anymore.

What we know:

  • Generally speaking, websites with more content (articles of 1,000-4,000 words) rank higher than those with 500 word articles. Longer articles usually mean that your website is sharing more value.
  • Google looks at bounce rates and the average time a viewer spends on your website, and can extrapolate whether or not they are finding the information they need.
  • Google now takes around 30 days to update your website’s rankings after you make changes.
  • Google generally ranks websites higher if they have large followings with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
  • Links remain important, especially if they are relevant and of high quality.
  • Don’t expect to rank well if your website has more ads than content.

So, we can conclude that:

If you have a good amount of page content, a strong following on social media websites, relevant and high quality links, a good content-to-advertisement ratio and a low bounce rate, your website will rank well.

Dated Techniques

While these used to be key practices, they just don’t work anymore:

  • Meta description tags
  • Link pages with reciprocal links
  • Redundant keyword density (high repetition of key words and phrases)

Is Your Website Providing a Quality User Experience?

Let Google Analytics Show You!

Google Analytics - Quality Website Use ExperienceGoogle won’t let the cat out of the bag regarding specifics of their new search engine algorithm update, but we do know that they will reward websites that provide a quality user experience by ranking them more highly than those that don’t.

So... How Can You Tell???

If you don’t currently use Google Analytics, now is the time to jump in. Everything you need to determine how well your website delivers is in the customized reports that Google Analytics will email to you on a regular basis – daily, weekly or monthly as you wish.

Don’t forget - Google is checking websites to ensure your visitors are getting value from your site: they are checking the average time spent on your site, the number of visitors that return to your site, bounce rates and number of pages visited.

Google Analytics is THE tool to use to determine the value your website is providing to visitors.

Featured clients: - Downtown BIA

What's up downtown?  What’s happening at Spirit Square next week? When is Midnight Madness?

Look no further! This website is kept up to date by directors of the Downtown BIA. You’ll find news items and events, photo galleries of past events such as the Big Truck Parade, Easter, and Canada Day celebrations as well a map showing the area covered by the BIA, a list of all of the member’s shops, each with address, contact info and website link.

Members can update their own information on the site via the Members Login. A calendar, weather report and a Facebook link are all accessible from the home page. It’s a great new look for our vital downtown core... Check it out!

Well-researched and thoughtful, this site is like a good cup of tea – a pure pleasure. There’s a lot to know about tea – but only if you want to! The ‘Tea & Health’ pages on this new website supply lots of great information about tea – from antioxidant and weight-loss properties to vitamin content; or...

Ten categories of teas (and numerous types in each category) as well as accessories, gifts and specials are available to purchase online. Tanya, owner of the store, can easily add, delete or change the teas using Ubercart – the shopping cart that works in conjunction with the CMS (content management system) that was built into the website.

A training session was included in the cost of the website, so adding a special or changing a description or price takes Tanya about the same amount of time as brewing a cup of tea!


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