the Google+ Project Last week, Google announced its entry into the world of social networking with the introduction of Google+, a social network that uses Google's many services. The intention is to be different from other networks with an emphasis on privacy and with a different skew -instead of connecting with your friends, Google+ aims to focus connections around specific groups - such as schoolmates, colleagues, families, projects, or groups of friends - kind of a cross between Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn to make "sharing online more like sharing in real life." High-quality video chats will be a definite plus.

Check it out. (currently in beta on an invitation-only basis.) After the demise of Buzz, Wave and other failed attempts, this could be Google's most serious leap yet into the social-networking arena.

Just days after Google rolled out Google+, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised that Facebook would "launch something awesome." Could it be video chat? Tune in to Facebook this week to see what Zuckerburg's counter to Google's announcement is all about!


Is your Website SmartPhone-Friendly?

The number of Internet-friendly mobile devices including smart-phones and tablets has doubled in less than a year, (5 billion mobile users world-wide) and more people than ever before are holding the World Wide Web in their hands. That's why having a mobile version of your website is one of the most important marketing issues today. Because the mobile market has exploded so quickly, most websites are unsuitable for mobile viewing. Down-sized to fit smaller screens, they look jumbled, confused and take far too long to load.

In most cases, your mobile site should be simpler than your standard website. Simplifying the standard format means maintaining the basic look and feel, but may require re-doing the navigation menu, minimizing graphics by eliminating all but the most important images, breaking up the text into shorter paragraphs and onto multiple pages, and doing away with pop-ups and new windows.

Using your standard website as a starting point, we can develop a mobile-friendly version for you that will get your message across with your customary style but in a simpler fashion, suitable for a small screen. It will work in tandem with your standard site, automatically recognizing and displaying the mobile version when accessed by a smart-phone.

Give us a call to discuss options that would make the most sense to mobile device users - and to you!


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We have 20 $100 coupons for our clients to use when establishing a Google Adwords campaign before July 31st. Want more information? Call us today about being ranked #1 on Google!


Featured Websites:

Divesafe International

Divesafe International

Divesafe International offers both commercial and recreational dive courses to students who come from around the world for dive training. The Divesafe website was recently rebuilt to modernize the look and to provide a Drupal content management system (CMS) so the owners can do all their own website updates, adding photos, video and text, send newsletters, post news items, and blog about the events of the day as they wish.

DIY Flats Fishing

DIY Flats Fishing

Rod Hamilton LOVES flats fly-fishing and it shows in his colourful photo gallery and the detailed descriptions of fabulous fishing locations around the world. The Drupal CMS we installed allows Rod to add locations to his navigation menu and content (both text and images) to his site from any computer that has an Internet connection.


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Is your Website SmartPhone-Friendly?

Free $100 Coupon
 ...with Google Adwords

Featured Websites
 Divesafe International
 DIY Flats Fishing


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What Do You Love?
Check out another new Google service - Check it out!
"What Do You Love?"

Interesting Notes:

  • For every computer sold in the World, there are 3.3 mobile devices sold.
  • There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (That's 77 percent of the world's population!)
  • Twitter: Number of tweets tripled in past year

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